Reusable Pad-making Workshop

A reusable pad-making workshop aims at equipping vulnerable women the ability to make affordable pads by themselves. The materials needed in a workshop are always prepared in advance. Questions like "how to choose the fabric" "where to get it and how much it costs" and "how to clean and maintain the pads" are also addressed. Women are encouraged to exchange with each other their own experience of menstruation, and share the idea of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM). 

A workshop usually takes 3 hours, and it can take place under a tree, at churches, at schools, or at others NGOs. We look forward for more collaboration with various groups to promote Reusable Pad-making.

Tailoring Training Centre


In collaboration with local churches, NGOs, educational institutions, we build up community-based tailoring training centres to provide facilities and courses to vulnerable women. In the centres, they can obtain livelihood and entrepreneurial skills.  

The 12-week intensive course includes tailoring, entrepreneurship, marketing, and health education. 

In the process of learning tailoring, the students begin from handling different types of fabrics, cutting, measuring to designing. In most cases, they are able to make quality final product at the end of the course. At the same time, they also rediscover their value and confidence.

Beehive Project

The ideas of bee keeping is originated from the Northern Uganda. While holding a workshop at the community centre, we saw many mamas using their own resources to make local hives as an additional source of income. However local hive-making is time consuming and it has lower production capacity.

Love Binti beehive project supports small-scale bee farmers, especially women, to achieve higher output and better quality of honey with KTB hive provision. The hives are given in exchange for honey of equivalent price. 

The pure organic honey is sent to SGS for purification certify and exported to other countries to generate income for farmers and sustain the beehive project.


Love Binti International

We see a gender-equal society in which women are leading vibrant, successful, integrated lives.


Registered Charity: FORR13735767NB

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